Now and then we appear on the television talk show Mass Appeal on Channel 22, WWLP, in Springfield.  In the portion "Fix it yourself with Seth"  Tim leads the host, Seth, or sometimes Ashley through some basic home repairs.

    All the segments are filmed in one take with no editing, so you'll see us hurrying through some segments or grabbing for the backup tool to finish on time!  We may be used to working fast, but not with a camera rolling!

NOTE: Click the right arrow to go to the second video before pressing the play arrow.


Three prong outlet adapters and how to ground them.

    I am so grateful that Seth and WWLP let me do this segment.  I go absolutely bonkers when I see people using the little gray adapters to plug a three prong plug into a two prong outlet, and not connecting the grounding tab.

     That third prong does something, and you've just disconnected it.  It's the part that keeps stray electrical current from going through you.


 Hanging a shelf 

     We hang the brackets into two ways: into a stud and into the drywall with toggle bolts.  Some basic use of the studfinder (and jokes to go with it).  Also, the dangers to look out for: pipes, electrical wires, and stupidity.

Circular Saw Safety?

     Somehow our segment on circular saw safety got turned into a segment on presents for dad.  I guess I had not considered who their audience is.  Anyway there are hours more to cover on safety with saws.  If you are looking for a good present, contact me and I will advise you on tools that are even more useful, and much safer.

Fixing a faucet

     Replacing the seats and springs on a modern faucet.  We worked on the most typical kind of bath faucet.  Old-fashioned washer faucets we may cover in another show. 

Sealing your windows

     Though demonstrated on a modern window, we showed how cut your heating costs for $5 per window instead of $500.  Also discussed were why windows in older homes should never be replaced, and why not to get ripped off by the replacement window pirates.

Loose screws

     How reattach a loose screw in the same place by drilling it out and gluing in a dowel. 

Regrouting tile

     We touched on several methods for removing old grout, and how to use a float to put in the new.