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Several years as a happy customer

    I've been using Tim McNerney of The Repair Collective for several years, for a wide range of home repair projects including some that were fairly complex. Tim is easy to work with, creative in his approach, conscious of not overspending his customers' money, and--a rare commodity--approaches his work with a great deal of integrity. I'm delighted that I found him.
-Shel Horowitz
Ethical Marketing Expert
Shel is a specialist in Green and ethical marketing, primary author (with Jay Conrad Levinson) of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet, guerrillamarketinggoesgreen.com

Awesome Appliance repair!

    Tim came and repaired our dryer and dishwasher for less than the repair service from the dealer charges to just come out and look. And he made sure they were really repaired, unlike the dealer repair service. AND he was amazingly patient and took questions from our 4yo and even let him "help." I can't say I want anything else to break, but I certainly know who to call in case something does happen.
-Nelson Geis

CSA(R): Community Supported Appliance Repair

    Over the weekend, our dryer broke. Not a huge deal except that it's been a little hard to tell if it's going to rain on any given day and Wiley's cloth diapers are like cardboard if I hang dry them. Ben took the top of the dryer off and tried to move the tumbler around, and there was a lot of friction. Then I remembered the conversation that I had with Tim McNerney, one of our shareholders, last Wednesday. Even though he's been a member since last year, I never really got the lowdown on the Repair Collective, the business that he runs, until last week.

    Appliance repair is just one of the many things he does. So I called him on Saturday morning and he showed up twenty minutes later and helped us order the right parts and trouble shoot what was wrong. It was awesome. It really felt like Community Supported Agriculture. The more places that we see each other and lean on each other, the more community really does what community is supposed to do.

-Oona Coy of Town Farm CSA


Cambridge Repair Cafe

The Cambridge Recycling Advisory Committee, Public Works Department, Green Cambridge, Cambridge Public Schools Office of Sustainability, and the Community Development Department all came together to host the Repair Cafe at the Cambridge Community Center; September 27, 2014. Volunteers were available to help people fix anything from clothing to electronics.

Peter Mui (right) rings Tibetan bells as Tim McNerney (left) and Catherine Brady (center) hold up Brady's fixed speakers at the Repair Cafe at Cambridge Community Center; September 27, 2014.  Volunteers were available at the Community Center to help people try to fix anything from clothes to electronics.


The Repair Collective on Television:

 Tim appears, from time to time, on a segment called "Do It Yourself with Seth" on a program called Mass Appeal on Channel 22 in Springfield, MA.

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