Helping with every project you have:

Home repair.
EMF Remediation & Protection.

Wall and drywall repair.
Bathrooms, Kitchens.
Tile repair.
Chemical sensitivity.
Green and Environmental work.
Energy efficiency.
Amish Web site design.
We are discontinuing appliance repair 
except for Staber Washing Machines

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
of all kinds.

If we don't do it we will
help find someone who can.

Licensed and insured.

(Some services only available
in certain areas or states.)

*Prep and patch-up work available
for these trades.

Rates and Terms

Hourly rates can be pretty meaningless.  For example, would rather pay someone by the hour to deliver documents who was walking or driving, or who scanned and sent the documents instantaneously and electronically?  Choosing a repair service can be like eating at a restaurant for the first time: when reading over the menu, you really don't know how good a meal will be and what kind of value you will get, until you've eaten there once.  A poorly equipped handyman (whether poorly equipped in skills, tools, ability, or even personality) ends up being expensive no matter how low his or her rates seem at first.  Though only having us spend a day at your place really gives you the experience of what you can count on, we hope a look at the "menu" will help:

Tim $150/hour.  Includes the best equipped van in the state with every known tool in the universe.
Cesar $80/hour (when working with Tim or Joseph).
Joseph  Emergency services per job.
Mr. Stone  Now available only through Special Projects

    We do have a two hour-minimum, and may also the require the minimum payment for projects cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.  These requirements sometimes have been waived for our regular clients.


    All work is performed on a "Time plus materials" basis.  Although we do not give estimates or make bids, we often arrange to meet beforehand to discuss the work, how it will be done, and make a guess at what ballpark we might be looking at.  The ranges can be wide, as it is seldom that unforeseen circumstances are not encountered.  We try to be fair, both to you and to us.  In the end, there is no way to predict exactly what it will take, though the customers that have come to rely on us have a good reason for doing so, know that we do everything for a good reason, and carefully explain everything we do.  For this reason, we seldom start with more than a day's work at a time, so that you can see how we operate, and how well the work is done.  As the majority of our business comes through referrals, most of our clients already have a feel for the value they can expect.

    Payment is due upon the the completion of work and on the the receipt of our invoice.  We don't expect you to be there as we drive the last nail and finish sweeping up; if you aren't there as we leave, please mail your check as soon as the bill is received.  We don't have a bookkeeper, and cannot manage any outstanding balances.

Finance Charges:
    In the very unlikely event that payment is not received at the completion of our repairs, or within 7 days of the receipt of our bill (when it must be left at the job site or mailed to you) finance charges will accrue, unless other arrangements have been made.  Past due accounts are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per year.  All collection costs will be added to the bill, including court fees and collection agency fees.  Our time spent in the collection process will be billed at our regular hourly rates.