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After recommending these products time and again, we decided we might as well sell them.  Not everything you see here is stocked on the truck.

Staber Washing Machines and Dryers.

The most efficient and best built and longest lasting top-loading washing machines on the planet.

Come see one in action.  Buy from the people who know how to service them.

Clothes get cleaner.  Uses less water and water heating. Uses less detergent.  Less wear and tear on clothes. Less drying (and its expense) needed.

"The detergent savings alone will pay for the cost premium in the first year."
-A.L. of RMI

 Video of the machine in action and details of the savings.

More action shots 

Video below of how it is made. 

Inside view

Price $1,300  

Washing Machine Shutoff Automatic

Timer shuts off water to washing machine after each load.  Saves your house from floods.

Best Smoke and Fire Alarms Ever!

No more false alarms!

We have tracked down a smoke detector that is the fastest available at detecting fast burning fires that you buy an ionizing alarm for.  It is also detects smoldering fires almost twice as fast as required for photoelectric.  

Safest alarm on the planet!  Alarms that don't work, or thatget disconnected, cannot protect you.

Price: $24

80% less likely to have a false alarm than other brands!  So you won't endanger your home by disconnecting!

Interconnected (hardwired) alarms can be shut off from ANY alarm, so no more troubles with alarms too high to reach!  Activated alarm easy to identify even when shutting off from another alarm.

See how safe here:

World's Best Tape Measure Ever

The M1 was designed by a local fellow in Haydenville, MA.  Incredibly sturdy, and it has a built in scribe that locks in the measurement.  This means no more fumbling with pencils, and no danger of misreading or not remembering the measurement.  Cost more than some power tools I own, but will outlast five of the tape measures I used to use.  Especially great for those with dyslexia, or who need to work one-handed.

Stop our van for a demonstration.

Buy here:

1) Off our work truck.

2) Online

Use code "TimM" at checkout and save 5%

Video below and more videos here:


$20 Tape

$30 Tape, Mechanical Pencil, & Gift Box

EMF Meter

This is the meter we use in our work with household EMF and cellphone hazards.

This EMF Meter measures all three types of electromagnetic fields:

• AC magnetic field
• AC electric field
• Radio / Microwave field

Price: $140

Herbal Mouse

Fresh Cab is made with essential oils and drives mice and rodents out of your home, garage, or storage.

Safe and non-toxic.  (Really.)

Price $15 

Easiest setback thermostat on the planet.

The easiest to use setback thermostat on the planet.  If you can read a clock, you can set this thermostat.

 Not in stock.  Orders to established accounts will be fulfilled first.