SORRY!  We are CLOSED for residential work.

For health reasons, we will be closed at least through the end of the summer, possibly longer. If you have been a previous client of ours and need a referral, please contact us through our Web form, and we will try to help you find someone. Thanks for all the appreciation and support you have given us.

Clients of Repair Collective Special Projects work login here for government, institutional, research, and time-related projects.

Repair of homes and businesses.

Handymen and women helping with every project you have.
Precise, reliable, creative thinkers.

Jobs of all sizes welcomed.
All calls promptly returned.
Serving the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts.

Contact: Tim McNerney
(413) 586-1801

Repair Collective (413) 586-1801

How handy are we?

Watch the video:

OK. We were going to add a link to the original of this parody, but the original is so superficial and shallow, it's painful to watch.

What our friends have been up to:

real honest-to-goodness friends, because 

Tim McNerney is NOT on Facebook, but you found me here! 
    Although I don't use it because it is a big life sucker, the link above gives a thousand more reasons not to use Facebook.  It also has a long list of the villainous exploits of Apple and Amazon and their human rights abuses.
     OK, on to friends:

Addison Biomass & Addison Renewable Energy

     Tim's brother, John McNerney, is now a partner in Addison Biomass & Addison Renewable Energy.  Aside from new installations, they spend a lot of time fixing problems that other installers created, and correcting a lot of misinformation.

     We particularly liked this quote, which is a familiar story for us as well:

Addison Renewable Energy recently fixed a new solar system originally installed by another company. The system was not working correctly for months; the original installer did not find & correct the problems; and we were asked to provide emergency service after the system failed completely. In less than 4 hours, we identified the problems and had the system up and working correctly. Needless to say, the owner is much happier. On the slightly amusing side, the original installer states the following on their web site; “Glitches, bugs and custom design faults have long since been evolved out (of their solar systems).”

Sticks and Bricks

    Liz, handywoman extraordinaire, and former member of the Repair Collective, continues her great success with her store, Sticks and Bricks.

    Drop in at 9 Market Street, in Northampton, Mass, and see eclectic, funky furniture made from salvaged materials.

    While much of what we haul away goes to Valley Recycling where everything is sorted for recycling, anything that "looks kinda cool" is brought to Sticks and Bricks to be made into funky furniture art.  Click the pictures to see the shower valve lamp and other lamps made from plumbing reclaimed for Sticks and Bricks by the Repair Collective.

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New Quotes:

— We'll fix everything in your house, except your cat.

— The Repair Collective

— I have more tools than God, just not quite as many skills.

— Tim

— Do you think Harbor Freight makes surgical tools?


— Sure, after you've saved money on a Harbor Freight parachute, you can save even more money  by doing the reconstructive surgery yourself.


— People think the Amish are against technology, which isn't true.  They aren't against technology, they just think it isn't worth the hassle.



Serving the Pioneer Valley, MA:

Northampton, Amherst, Hadley, Florence, Haydenville, Williamsburg, South Hadley, Sunderland, Hatfield, Montague, Belchertown, Deerfield, Leeds, and more  of western Massachusetts.  Some availability in CT, VT, NH, ME.

Replacement Windows?!

     Why we get upset when we see replacement windows in older homes:

Lots of good articles here:

  • They won't save you money.  
  • They won't save you energy.
  • They will cost you the same again in 20 years when it's time to replace the replacements.  
  • There are much better ways to protect from lead.
  • They will never, ever, never, ever come anywhere close to paying for themselves.
  • Don't fall for the "lead scare."  There are better, safer fixes, if needed.

Read before you sign or buy!

Best Smoke and Fire Alarms Ever!

No more false alarms!

We have tracked down an alarm that:

  • is the fastest available
  • detects both kinds of fires
  • has almost no false alarms
  • 10 year battery available
  • shut off all alarms from any location 

Safest detector on the planet!  Alarms that don't work, or that get disconnected, cannot protect you.

More at our online store.

We're on TV.

Two new videos.

Mass Appeal on WWLP Channel 22 in Springfield.
New videos and more clips of quick fix it projects on our video page.

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