SORRY!  We no longer do residential work.  If you have a G&I contract with us, pleae login.

The Repair Collective

Tactical Repair Services

We fix what the other guys can't.

We take over when someone has told you:
"It can't be fixed."
"Time for a new one."
"Ya gotta rip it all out and start over."
"Time moves in one direction."

(413) 586-1801

Outside of USA: We are GMT-5 use contact form to setup a callback or call 24/7:

 Tel: 001 (413) 586-1801

iNum: 883 5100 0902 6279

Click here for worldwide LOCAL iNum dial in numbers

Existing clients login here.

Special Projects is OPEN.

Clients of Special Projects click here to login for government, institutional, research, and time-related projects.

We will be reopening shortly for specialty repair services.  Our rates for this work differ greatly from those we formerly had.  Please review them before making an appointment.

It is unlikely we will be dealing with simple residential repairs.  However, if you have already had five people tell you it can't be fixed, give us a call.

Tim McNerney is NOT on Facebook, but you found me here! 

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* This reference is a play on words and  in not likely to make sense in many languages besides English.  We would explain it, but explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you get to see how it works, but you kill it in the process.

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— We fix everything on the planet, except your cat.*

— We have more tools than God, just not quite as many skills.


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Planet Earth

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Tim McNerney Esalen Institute; you found me!